Dwek capital is actively looking for acquisition opportunities in the digital marketing / technology sectors. Our offering is unique because we are offering founders an opportunity to be part of a large group by taking some equity off the table while having significant ability to grow their company. We are going to use our capital to help fuel growth.

We see a lot of smaller digital marketing companies with not many dominate players in the industry. We believe that we can further consolidate the industry and give founder’s the opportunity to see significant value appreciation in their company.

We are looking for small to mid size firms operating in Canada, with evidence of stable cashflows. Companies that secure a high proportion of their billings on retainer or subscription fees and can demonstrate consistent revenue generation are ideal candidates.

Our acquisition style is a partnership, we will work with your group to drive value without impacting your developed brand equity. We encourage companies looking for growth capital and strategic partnership to reach out to us for an introductory call.