Business Valuation


It is critical to have a thorough valuation when you are preparing to buy or sell a business. Whether you are planning for retirement or bringing in a new partner, we tailor the scope of our business valuations to your specific needs, which are then used for both transactional and compliance purposes.

Our team has extensive experience conducting valuation for businesses of all sizes and can ensure you receive the most reliable information when making a key decision for your business.

To determine a fair valuation for your business, we request the following information:

  • Historical and most recent interim financials
  • Historic and projected capital expenditures
  • Projected forecasts or budgets
  • Discretionary or non-recurring expenses
  • All information provided to Dwek Capital is held in strict confidence.


We begin our business valuation process by speaking with the client to gain an understanding of the purpose of obtaining the valuation. In this initial stage, we establish a standard of value if no valuation exists, as well as set a valuation date.
After initial discussions with the client, we proceed by gathering the necessary information to determine a fair market value for the client’s business. We outline the best valuation approach and advise the client on which method would be best suited for their circumstances.
We conduct thorough due diligence of the target business and look into every detail of their business. We work with lawyers, investment bankers, and accountants to assist us through this process. With their combined expertise, we validate the operational and financial information provided by target businesses in order to determine if the business fits our client’s strategic goals.
Once we have reached a valuation conclusion, our team will draft a report to be reviewed by our managing partner.
The managing partner will give a presentation to the client on the final valuation price, as well as suggest methods to improve profitability and value of the business for an exit strategy.

Business Valuation

Looking to get your business evaluated by a professional? We can help you determine a fair valuation.
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