Capital Advisory


Dwek Capital has significant exposure to raising debt and equity capital. We believe that partnership goes beyond simply raising capital and that this has to be done with the right investors. We negotiate parallel deals with multiple parties to ensure that our clients are able to pick the right partner while maintaining leverage in the process.

Over the years, we have cultivated strong working relationships with a network of investors, and use these contacts to our client’s advantage. We combine the art and science of negotiation to ensure our clients get the most optimized result for their business.


We begin our capital raising process by speaking with the client about their goals and objectives. In this initial discussion, we determine the target investor type and optimal capital structure, as well as identify key performance indicators to formulate an effective strategy.
Once we have set the base, we start to prepare various marketing materials, including teasers and investment opportunity summaries. We utilize our vast network to gather insights and explore potential partnerships. We finalize the outreach strategy by incorporating feedback into our strategy accordingly.
Once the strategy has been finalized, we begin our outreach by locating and contacting prospective institutional lenders and investors and distributing investment opportunity summaries. We conduct meetings on behalf of our clients and create a compelling reason for them to invest.
Once we obtain a list of offers from prospective investors, we evaluate various options for our client. Once the financing source has been selected, we negotiate the structure, timing, pricing, and potential financing terms of the offer and advise the client on the final selection.
We conduct thorough due diligence to identify if there would be any transactional issues during closing. Once all preparation has been completed, we continue to facilitate communications between the client and the investor to lead them through to a successful closure.

Capital Advisory

Looking for a strategic partner to help grow your business? We can help you locate the right partner.
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