How to market your medical practice

Are you looking to sell your medical practice and maximize the valuation of your practice? The number of people using the Internet to find medical care has drastically increased in the past decade, and as a result, online marketing has never been so important. This article will touch on some of the most effective methods of marketing your medical practice in 2021.

Social Media

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, social media is simply too big of an opportunity to miss. By updating your patients with the latest news and sharing insights on industry trends, it is possible to connect with your patients in a much more personal way and become known to potential patients. Regular updates about your practice’s information including events and staffing updates should also be an important aspect of your social media marketing.

Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials are undoubtedly one of the most important driving factors of potential patients in deciding which medical practice to utilize. With just a few clicks on Google, Facebook, or BirdEye, prospective patients can examine existing patients’ perceptions of the quality of service offered at your practice. Having good reviews does not just boost your practice’s conversion rate and increase sales, but also builds trust between you and your patients in the long term. To do this, it is essential that you take a personalized approach and engage with every patient. As medical attention is a highly personal matter, doctors should build relationships on a more personal level with their patients. By understanding the needs of individual patients and following up with them after their appointments, you will be able to build strong long-lasting relationships with your patients.


Many practice owners tend to ignore the importance of having an online presence. This is a common mistake that many older practice owners make. Having a modern and well-designed website gives more credibility to your practice and establishes a positive impression to potential patients. As websites are often accessed via a variety of electronic devices, it should also be noted that your website should be easy to navigate on both computers and mobile devices. Websites should be designed to represent your overall brand that builds credibility and attract new patients. Today, building a website has become easier and cheaper as a result of tools such as WordPress and Squarespace.


Publishing relevant content is an effective method of keeping your patients updated and building positive relationships. Publishing consistently builds credibility and helps improve your local SEO presence. This is a great way to stay in touch with your patients and to share information about changes and updates at your practice.


Having a referral system is also an effective method of getting more patients through your doors. By building positive relationships with patients and other local practices, it is possible to refer each other as needed. A common effective method is to provide special concessions to your referrals and referees or asking retiring practice owners to refer to your practice.

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